Google Scholar search just stopped working

I was using DA to search for various terms using the Google Scholar plugin. It worked fine a few times and then suddenly it stopped returning any results and the Log says there are 0 links. However, if I click on Links:0 in the Error column it opens a browser window that shows there are many valid links.

I tried searching for different things, quitting and restarting, but it does not seem to work at all now. Any ideas what might be going wrong?

Wait a bit and try again. It may be that Google suspended your activity for a bit.

Thanks. I tried that overnight, but no luck. It looks as though the search is getting done and results are generated – I can see them on a browser page – but DA is not picking them up or reporting them as Results.

UPDATE: I tried this on another computer and it works, so I guess Google has blocked me on my laptop. Do you know if this is via a cookie or the IP address (or other) identifier?