Gourmet.com plugin

For any of you foodies that want a plugin for Gourmet.com here it is. It might not be really useful.

The digest tab… well lets just stay there aren’t many links between words. The results are there though.

It searches gourmet.com but ignores recipies(with the plugin I wrote, it treats all recipie as if it were the title and just looks ugly. Plus I more intrested in the articles than with the recipies. I use macgourmet to manage recipies.) and cookbook club(you need to signup for that to access the article. and I wouldn’t know how to get through that just using the plugin) search results. It also doesn’t follow keyword links*.

Some article pages won’t be examined because their HTML structure is different than the rest. Until I can find an underlining HTML code that is in all the articles, you’ll just have to deal. Also since most of the articles are on multiple pages the plugin just captures the part of the article on the first page**.

  • I was thinking. When you search Gourmet.com under all the articles in the search results there are keywords that link to other articles with the same keywords. Maybe in a future DA it would be possible to follow those links get info from all the articles in the results and then maybe follow those keywords and so on and so on. And the user would be able to input amount of levels DA goes through. I know that FollowLinks XML key does something similar but I would like a greater amount of control of which links it follows. For this plugin I turned FollowLinks of because there was too much junk.

**Would it ever be possible with a DA plugin to follow links that contain the rest of the article. So that DA can digest all of the article instead just a part of it. With most newspaper websites(like NY Times, which I might make a plugin for soon) articles are broken down into several pages so this feature would really be handy. Or is there a way to do this that I just don’t know about.

Sorry for the long post. Let me know how it is.
Gourmet.zip (831 Bytes)

Thanks for posting this plugin! But I’m curious - why did you exclude recipes?


I kept playing with the plugin. I found out that what was causing the error. The original plugin when a recipe came up, the result look like the image below.gourmet recipie search.tiff (333 KB) DA thought the recipe was part of the title and the author’s notes before the recipe was the actual article.
The error was with TitleStart and TitleEnd. Getting rid of the cleared the problem. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before had.
So here is a revised plugin that includes recipes in the search.
What have we learned? Not to play with tags that aren’t absolutely necessary. Probably good programming virtue.
So here is a the new one
Gourmet.zip (809 Bytes)

Definitely better. However, the TextStart/End tags do not work on all pages and therefore the Digest and its topics are not that useful. The possibility of DEVONagent 2.5 to define multiple TextStart/End tags or to define TextTags might be really useful in this case.