Grabbing .eml "From:" and "To:" data via Scripts?


Very much like the “From:” and “To:” columns while I view imported email. I wonder though, where this data comes from in a database record? Is this part of the “metadata” element?

I ask because I have a large quantity of older email that was converted in DTPO with an earlier version of Pantomime, and is in RTF/RTFD format, so no from/to information. I could get this from a Regex search of the email text, but where to put it so it shows up in those lovely columns?

Or to ask the question another way, is there an “upgrade path” for the older Pantomime format to get it closer to the most recent?

(I’ll go look on the Pantomime site right now…)

Best wishes, Charles

Yes, it’s accessible via the “meta data” property. See Additional Information in Info Panel for example.


IIRC, the “metadata” element is gettable, but not settable. So I couldn’t add these properties to an older RTF-format email, right?

Thanks, Charles

Yes, the “meta data” property is read-only right now. It’s the data retrieved from the document (email, RTF, PDF, MP3, etc).

Thanks, Christian!