Graph view : a network visualization script for DT

Make sure you select many nodes or a hierarchy of nodes before running it. If it still does not work, send me the HTML file in a PM.

i’m very sorry to ask this question but what do you mean by a heirarchy of nodes?

I mean a group and all its children and descendants.

got it. does a tag count as a group in this sense?

Yes it actually does.


Just wanted to let you know I’m getting a ton of value out of this graph view and want to extend my gratitude for your work. I’m using it to (re-)discover connections between my Zettelkasten items, as well as those items into which they have been transcluded.

It’s super useful that the wiki, item, URL and hierarchical links are in different colors. And I particularly enjoy being able to zoom in super close, in addition to the “overview” view.

Thanks again!

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Oh thank you @AW2307 for those nice words. It’s good to read how one profits from it.

The latest version on allows one to select which types of links to display.

If you have some interesting screenshot to share here with an explanation of how that helps you, please do.

Curious about transclusion links, are they also represented in the graph then? What color?

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Yes, I’m on the latest version and do use the selection feature to show only parent-child links and item links, since this gives a clean view of the connections that matter most for my use case. Due to the different colors, this is a quick, visual way to a) identify “clusters” of cross-linked Zettelkasten notes and b) to see which notes only have one or very few cross-links.

Regarding transclusion links: I checked this and at the moment, it seems they are not displayed, unless I’m overlooking something. I wonder if it would make sense to show links to transcluded items in a completely different color, since they’re neither parent-child relationships nor a simple cross-link. What do you think?

Also interesting: Links added to a RTF custom metadata field are displayed in purple, i.e. the color for item links. Maybe a visual distinction would make sense here as well, although I guess it depends on how people use custom metadata.

Another big BIG ‘thank you’ @benoit.pointet for sharing (and improving) the script.

The visual perspective on cross-relations that it provides is EXACTLY what I was looking for trying to understand how materials and concepts relate. The graph view of similar functionality should honestly be a part of DevonThink package at some point.

Personally I needed it so much that I even went ahead to manually exemplify linkages using KnowledgeBaseBuilder. - but your script made a process of seeing what hangs together much easier. Any external visual layer is difficult to maintain in the long term anyway.

Happy to share some screenshots after I improve my linkages (I finally “see” the week spots in the research materials I gathered)!


This is amazing.

Got it to work after a small problem. Needed to install the “Dialog Toolkit Plus.scptd” from Late Night Software in the same Script Libraries folder as RegexAndStuffLib.scptd.

Awesome work. Runs like a charm now.

@bartgnk screenshots are very welcome with a short explanation of how it is valuable for it, what the graphs show you that the standard UI does not.

Just noticed a minor glitch in the code: This…

set exportLocation to inbox

…should actually look like this:

set exportLocation to root of inbox

Otherwise the group selector might be used depending on preferences and whether the script is executed by DEVONthink or e.g. the Script

fixed, thx.

hi @benoit.pointet i want to thank you for this amazing work. Your script bring DT to the ideal setup whereby one can actually can do everything inside DT (not needing other tools like Obsi). Very cool! I wish graph view you will be once available as an inspector pain :slight_smile:


@benoit.pointet I managed to download this and get it working from the forum and the instructions, despite having never installed a thing like this before. Thank you so much for building this and your clear instructions. It’s so great!

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You are a HERO, @benoit.pointet !

The first time I installed this, it didn’t work, I went back and realized that “Script Library” and “Script Libraries” are (duh!) two different things. For whatever reason, I didn’t correct the typo at the time.

Stupid, stupid, stupid! I could have had this running a year ago!

Very nice. Extremely nice.

One use is to create a smart group of things you want to map, open just the group, hit ctrl-A to select them all, and execute the script - and, forget that, Keyboard Maestro will do the work. A new macro is born.

Many, many thanks!


Is there a document covering what the options in the gear pulldown menu do?

This is really nice, in case I forgot to mention that!

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@benoit.pointet : so cool! I just found this (belatedly!). And after having followied the principled discussion on the need for visualization for DT, this is a real breeze, remedy, and gift! Kudos!

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Thx for your kind words, @Amontillado and @lerone.

I cannot remember having a pulldown menu in that script. But there’s a series of 4 checkboxes in a popup menu that help you select what kind of relationships you want to map. Concise explanations can be found in: GitHub - benoitpointet/devonthink-graph-view

I am of course happy to answer more precise questions.

Here’s what I see from the gear pulldown: