Graphical display of links


When analyzing data, I use a mix of outlines and mindmaps, and recently the See Also function of DevonThink.

Something that I miss, is a graphical representation of the internal links between documents in DT. Sort of a mindmap/concept map display of all links between documents (either created manually, or found by See Also).

I’m thinking to something similar to how Tinderbox, or even Personal Brain, shows links as visual maps.

I would also be happy to understand if one can already do something like this with existing tools, external to DT. Or would suggest to the developers a way to better integrate DT with mindmap/concept map programs, apart for OPML export.


Thanks for the suggestion!

These threads might contain some useful information:


There’s also: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=10469


Thank you both for the links. I see great things are boiling up.