graphical topics map?

Is there any chance that the Graphical Topics Map as implemented in DA could be implemented in DT or DTPRO? It’s a great way to visualise results and chart one’s way through them. As suggested elsewhere, if proximity between topics nodes on the map could be used to indicate strength of association or frequency, that would be an even more killer feature!

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thanks for the suggestion! There’s a chance but probably not in the near future.

This topic is 11 years old. I am reviving it because I also think that having topics map in DT would be a more than fantastical addition. What do you think? Topic map please!

No promises, but your vote is noted.

+3 from me, especially this (but just the map would be a good start):

Thanks Jim. Folks, let us vote. Perhaps we can get this game-changer tool in the next update :),


You’re welcome.

Definitely won’t be in the next update and I can’t promise anything. It would require more than a simple “flip of a switch or two” and careful planning, not to mention interface considerations.

We are listening though. :slight_smile:

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