Grayed Out Database Operations- missing File Menu Options

A small (hopefully) follow up to my previous ramble issue, which didn’t clear out as cleanly as I initially thought.

The environment is
current version DEVONThink, current MacOS Big Sur, Mac mini m1 (16 gig),
syncing to
current rev DEVONThink to Go, iOS current 14, iPad Pro
using CloudKit and Bonjour.

Issue is that 1 database of 7 total can’t be Closed, Verified & Repaired, or Rebuilt via the given options on the DEVONThink >> File Menu- they appear grayed out when I go to select them. The database in question can be Optimized and have it’s Index Updated, and DEVONThink itself can be closed and reopened ( I do have to select Quit twice from the DEVONThink 3 menu, which is a bit odd- waiting doesn’t make a difference for this), but these don’t restore the above disabled options. The Log is reporting no errors, but I have sync disabled with the iPad for now, to keep focus. Database Properties reports a Words total of 326,476 unique, 38,331,812 total over 31.1 gigs, which may well be the root, but splitting that nut has been tough- I’ll do it if need be.

How do you repair the unrepairable?

A curious follow up I just stumbled on:

If I open a 2nd database, then the File menu options are greyed out as above for that database, but they show up as expected for the first database that I thought was troublesome- it verifies cleanly too. The issue doesn’t appear to be database dependent- is this expected behavior?.

You can’t do any maintenance routines on a database that is in the process of syncing.

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Mmmm, a good (and should have been obvious) point. With the first database, there was no sync pending- or maybe I just missed it. If I can verify that condition, I may be back, but thank you again.

No problem.