Grayed Out Text on Forum Email

Lately the emailed version of Forum posts has the content greyed out. I have noticed the same behavior on a couple other Discourse forums I subscribe to but not all - so I am guessing it is related to some update or setting on the part of the forum administrator.

Has anyone else noticed this?


Are you using dark mode on your Mac ?

Yes I am using Dark Mode. And if I switch to Light Mode then the problem is fixed.

But this is a new issue that started recenty - and it only happens on some Discourse forums and not others. What changed?



Not sure. @eboehnisch would have a better perspective than me on this one.

Maybe it came in with one of the last updates to Discourse? We updated our forum last week.

It does seem related to Discourse and dark mode.

I solved it at least for now by forcing Chrome to light mode