Great app! (Perhaps this could be another feature...?)

Great app!

Perhaps you may consider the following as a new feature…?

I have several hard drives and numerous partitions on each. The new “All Volumes” feature is most welcome but since two of my three hard drives are backups of my main hard drive it takes a while to search for something.

Perhaps a new feature might be to search one hard drive with all of it’s partitions?

Maybe your app already is capable of this but I have only been able to select either an individual partition or All Volumes. Am I missing something?

Again… thank you very much for such a great app!!! (And to think that it is free also is absolutely incredible!)




it’s not yet possible but a future release (3.8?) will probably introduce the possibility to scan a list of user-defined folders and/or volumes.

Thanks for verifying that so that I wouldn’t keep reading and trying to figure out if it was possible.