Great Program But...

It wasn’t on my to do list, but I am in love. (Actually, since I think of DevonThink as a she, I must blink my eyes at DevonTechnologies or Agent. They are “hims!”)

Although I purchased DevonThink when, well, when there was just DevonThink, I just got around to actually using it this past Monday! :blush:

I am still getting comfortable with it but, OMG, this has made things so much easier. I can just click that “DTPO Archive” button in Firefox and zo-o-o-m! I have the darned thing. Oh, the upper arm pain I suffered from doing the “Print, Save As PDF, (and with Leopard), edit the Save As, assign the Where, edit the Title, edit the Subject, fill in the keywords” thing, wrangling a page down from the Internet.

Anyway, I am so organized, it’s agonizing! DevonThink, much as I like having her as my new BFF, limits me with the Labels. I abhor the limitation in Finder and have given DTPO (DevonThink Pro Office) fierce cuts of the eyes! I have a whole labeling method. I need many more labels. Why can’t I get creative with the labels? Seven or however many there are in DTPO presently just aren’t enough!

I’m practically bubbling over right now! I think I can just turn this into a full-fledged information operating system. This is the schnizazzz!

Is there a way to add more labels? If not, will that capability be added in 2.0? AND, could I have the text change colors instead of just the icon? At least give the option?

Further, I know DTPO is so much more, but if I could actually set Alarms for Appointments and Tasks, I would never have to open those other applications. Can that not be a preference or option in DTPO? And then I would need Address Book integration. :unamused:

I’ve already set up several different databases and am certainly looking forward to having more than one database open at once. What is that release date again?

If someone could cover me on the labels, alarms, and lest I forget, a wee-bit more privacy control. I’d like to have more command over cookies, like being asked how I want to handle cookies each time I come across new online territory. Now, all I can do is really accept the cookies or block them! If I choose only sites I visit, I’m not certain that there aren’t a whole lotta’ riders on one horse.

I do thank DevonTechnologies for giving the Mac world DevonThink. Seriously, it is good design and implementation overall. I just want to expand its direction a bit!

Thanks You, Thank You!

Speaking as a long time DEVONthink user, I can only advise you not to hold your breath. For years now, we’ve been promised a lot of things that will appear in version 2.0, but they have as yet failed to materialize.

True… sounds like Vista…