Grey Circle Icon and redundant document scan

I am a newbie. Each time I scan a document, two redundant files show up in the global inbox. They both have the same name but one is shown in Bold text with a round “Grey Circle” icon under the Flag column. I cannot find that Icon listed anywhere… How do I fix this so only one document shows up without this unknown Icon?

The grey circle icon is “unread”. It disappears as soon as the document is selected in any view.

OK, that now makes sense and I do see it disappear when I read the document but why do I still see a second copy of the same document in the Inbox even after I read it? I know I can just delete one of them but that is a redundant step that makes no sense to me…

Thank you for your reply!

The forum would need to know a bit more. What is your scanner? What steps does your scanning workflow follow? Is it Pro Office you’re using? Scan to DTPO and then OCR the scanned document? (That will result in two douments.)

I am using a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M. I scan to DevonThink Pro Office and yes, I thought I had to have the DTPO Preferences>OCR set to “Incoming Scans: Convert to searchable PDF”. I thought that was the whole point of using DTPO; to be able to search all documents… I don’t understand why two documents are created…? So does that mean it is entirely common that you have to delete one document for every document you scan? I expect to scan thousands of documents. Does this mean that I will now also have to delete as many thousands of documents as I file?

OK, please look at this posting and check the settings Bill recommends against yours. Inbound S1500M scans with automatic OCR should generate only one file with the settings Bill listed.

If however, you scan first and OCR later, you’ll get two files. Users that scan a lot of non-ocr-able images use the two-step method to avoid wasting time OCRing files that have no recognizable text.