Group conversation threads

When sorting my email by ‘Date Created’ and ‘Descending’, DTPro does not handle ‘Group Conversation Thread’ the way that I had hoped.

Sorting by Date Created allows me to view my most recent messages at the top of the list. I would expect that a Group Conversation Thread folder would also appear in that list according to the most recent message in that group.

Instead, DTPro sorts the group according to the first received/sent message in that group. The result is that recent messages can be way down my list because the original message in that thread was from some time ago.

This makes the list a little messy. Since I have set my Sort selection as Descending, I think it makes more sense to see that group by the latest email in it rather than the first.

Is there a way to make this happen?

Anyone?? Any ideas??


The problem is that mail threading needs a way of sorting that is not possible using a hierarchical folder strategy as presented in DT. So what you get is only an approximation when you map a sort order based on the order of listed references (hidden in the headers of)/in each mail message to a folder hierarchy. Have you tried to approximate it using the list view (View -> as List menu)?