Group Membership as Smart Group Criteria

I would like to create a Smart Group which includes as its criteria whether a given item has a specific Group as its parent. Is this possible?

I was able to do this as a workaround by creating a Smart Rule which updates a boolean Metadata field when an item is moved into the desired Group. That sort of works, but it would be simpler if I could specify Parent Group directly in a the Smart Group criteria somehow.

Solved it… the solution appears to be to change the tag inheritance so I automatically have a tag for the parent Group. Then search by Tag in the Smart Group.

Shouldn’t searching only in the group be sufficient? See Search in popup of smart group/rule editor.

That would work if the Smart Rule criteria applied only to one group. This situation involves tests for membership in multiple groups.

I did solve it as below after reconfiguring DT3 for Group membership to be represented by Tags. In an ideal world I would prefer not to do that since it adds unnecessary detail to the List view (I would prefer to only list “regular” tags in routine viewing of the data) but that’s not a huge issue. Is there a way to achieve the Smart Group below without creating the Group tags? (In the example below, the last 3 under the “Any” clause are “real” tags and all the other Tags are actually Groups.)