Group Name Frustration - Need Suggestions

I used DevonThink for a number of years now and find one issue that remains a frustration for me.

The problem is that almost every time I click on a group name, or item inside a group the name of the group or items opens up an edit box that is used to change the name of the item or group. At times if I’m not paying close attention and I start typing I end up making a change I didn’t want to make. If I just click on the icon (to the left of the item) there is no problem, however the icon is so small that it’s easy to miss for a 70 year old like me so:

Is there a way to increase the size of the icon? or

Is there any way to lock group names or prevent them from being changed by mistake?

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks… The Bobster

I can’t replicate this. If you click on an item, it will be selected. If you pause for a moment and click again, the name will be editable (just as it behaves in the Finder).

Thanks for your reply. I’ve did a little testing and it seems to occur most often when an item is highlighted and I then what to drag and drop it. I don’t run into this same thing in the Finder.

Hmm… I still can’t replicate this. There needs to be a discernable pause between clicks or if the item is already selected and you click on its name and let go (which is essentially two clicks).

You might find it helps to slow down the Double Click speed slider in System Preferences/Mouse.