Group Selector Not Working When Printing Document as PDF

I have DT3 preferences set to invoke the Group Selector when a file is dragged to the Inbox or Dock Icon. However, there is no Group Selector response when I print a document as a PDF to the Inbox. Oddly, if I print a document as a PDF to the desktop and then drag it to the Dock Icon the Group Selector works fine.

I’m thinking there’s likely an easy fix, but I’ve wracked my brain long enough and am turning to the community for help. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated…thanks.

If you’re printing to the Global Inbox’s alias in the Finder’s sidebar, you are already printing to a location, i.e., you’ve chosen the Inbox as the destination.

However, we have a PDF service in DEVONthink, so you should see Save PDF to DEVONthink 3. Choose that option and the group selector should be opened.

PS: If you’re printing from a non-Safari browser, you need to use the system’s print dialog to access the PDF dropdown menu.

Thank you, Jim! I knew I’d find the answer here…

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: