Group similar not available in DevonThink3?

In DevonThink3, I have several items selected. I go to the Data menu where “Group Similar” used to be but I don’t see Group Similar. If I go to the Help menu and search for “Group Similar”, the functionality is listed there and shown in the menu but if I click on it, it sends me to my account and license info.

Is this a bug, or a subtle way of telling me that I need to get Pro or Server in order to have this feature again? It was present in the beta, is listed in the help menu and isn’t listed as a feature only present in the higher editions at so I am very confused.

Thanks for any help!

Data > Group Similar Items is available after pressing the Shift modifier key.

Thanks for that! However when I click I then am sent to the “Registration DevonThink 3” window which shows my name and license key. The function doesn’t activate.

Which edition do you use? It’s a feature of the Pro/Server editions.

I have DevonThink 3 standard edition. This is very unfortunate; I had DevonThink Pro (which had this feature) and already purchased the upgrade to DevonThink 3 as it was working before I purchased the upgrade, and the upgrade guide states that DevonThink Pro leads into DevonThink 3 upgradewise. As above, it wasn’t listed as a separate feature between the editions in the editions page. Is there anything we can do here?

The information in the app itself was correct, we’re afraid. We’ll update our Editions page accordingly as soon as possible.

Thanks for your reply! I am not quite sure what you mean “by the information in the app itself”; as above the Help indicates that I can use the feature, it just doesn’t work.

Could I just have a discount code for purchasing the upgrade from DevonThink 3 Standard to the Pro version, so that my total costs would be the same as my upgrade from DevonThink 2 Pro to DevonThink 3 Pro? Am happy to pay for it and would have done so from the beginning. Would be appreciated!

Thanks again!

Please IM me.