Group templates

I’m trying to understand the use of templates.
I often create a group with sub-groups and would like to create a template whereby i select the template and automagically i get a group with certain subsets. Ideally the a applescript will execute at the same time thats asks me to name to rootfolder and the new subfolder… or if a rootfolder and a subfolder exists it will ask for the name of an additional subfolder and then populate it with a set of folders.
To make this a little clearer one could explain it as follows.
I get a new client, he is given a certain client nr. in our system. I then want to use the template to create the necessary folders. They would be, for demo purpose here,

276 Steve Jobs -> 235 MSN Negotiations

the root folder “276 Steve Jobs” always contains folders for each client job or case, in this situation “235 MSN Negotiations”

The “case group” contains lets say the following folders
“Unread Mail”

well you get the idea.
Now, assuming I do a good job, maybe that same client will return with a new case, which then would generate a new case group under “276 Steve Jobs” and contain its own subsets.

I would like a script that runs when this template is executed and thats asks you for the client nr and nr, and then a “case nr and name” and then populates the case group with the necessary groups.

I’m thinking that, even if this is very difficult for me, it’s perhaps not that difficult for someone who is knowledgable in these matters.

If anyone can give me a helping hand or at least point me in the right direction with how to make a static template that generates a group structure regardless of the applescript I would be a “very happy camper indeed”.


Using previous postings I managed to understand how to use the “project” template and create a copy, rename it, and then change the folder structure. So if I First create the root folder and the use the project template to that clients particular case then i almost get what i wanted.