Groups and documents not displaying in "Your Documents"

I’m noticing some strange behavior. Anyone else getting this? Or know what’s going on?

Sometimes when I open DEVEONthink To Go and then select “Your Documents”, it doesn’t list out my groups and documents. Instead it puts up a screen that says General and lists kind, # of items, and total size. I can’t get to my documents without searching.

Other times it brings up the groups and documents. I haven’t found a pattern yet.

Anyone know what’s going on here?

Ok. I figured it out. Now I feel dumb :smiley:

There’s a difference between tapping the detail disclosure arrow on the far right and tapping the “Your Document” to the left. The arrow on the right brings up the “details” (kind, items, total size) and tapping “Your Documents” actually brings up the list.

Problem solved. My bad.