Groups snap shut—others open

I’m starting to move a lot of data into DT by dragging docs and folders from the Finder into corresponding groups (folders?) in DT. Using the Vertical Split view, I’m having a difficult time hitting the targeted group as they seem to randomly toggle open.

For instance:
I open Health>Biking group using the gray arrow.
Go to Finder and select the document.
Drag and drop it in the DT folder.
Health group snaps shut and Tips>Graphics>Painter Tips opens.

Or I will select text in the window and use the contextual menu “Set Title as” only to have that group collapse and another open. Once I find the original file, I see the title has been changed.

I had been working in the Tips folder earlier. Is this expected behavior or do I need to modify my own behavior here?


OS X (10.3.6)
DT 1.9a

You could try File->Import->Files and Folders… [command-option-I] after selecting the group you want to import to.

Without knowing more about your group hierarchy I’m not sure what else to suggest that might be easier. Maybe try something with target group windows open using a different view (e.g. Icon).

Not sure I understand how/why using Set Title As would cause a group to collapse. Other commands can cause unpredictable item/group selection/focus changes but that’s never happened for me using STA.


Try setting your DT browser to the Icon view – that makes the target folder a bigger target, easier to hit.

I usually use a DT option: File > Import > Files and Folders. (Note: Default Folder X makes this easy to use. In the Finder, I select a folder. If I wish to import multiple folders or files within different folders, just create multiple Finder windows. Then from the DT Files and Folders option, click the icon that shows open Finder selections and do an import. Multiple files within a folder can be selected for import.) Another note: If you want to import a group of files to a specific folder, DT preferences lets you designate the folder to which imports will be made.

There is a bug in the OS method for displaying hiearachical lists like the groups list. It simply sometimes doesn’t remember which groups where open and which not. We have found not pattern and no real workaround. But it’s still in our focus, so we’ll fix it as soon as we found an antidote.



That’s a neat trick. I hadn’t realized you could target an import like that. Very handy.

I got so used to the Vertical Split view I forget about the others and how they might enhance using DT. Thanks for the reminder.
I also hadn’t realized I could select multiple individual files within the import dialog window—I’d assumed you selected either a file or a folder. But I think I’m misunderstanding when you talk about importing files within different folders. Is this possible?

That sounds like an accurate description of my experience.
I had cause to restart and run applejack from single-user mode. Now that I’m back in DT, things are behaving more as expected. Perhaps it was this bug.

A feature request regarding importing problems recorded in the log:
When a file is listed in the log as having had some problem during the import, that file might be deeply nested within the imported group. A contextual menu that would allow options such as Reveal, Delete, Move, etc would be very handy.

Thanks for all the tips.

Sounds reasonable. We’ll think about it.



I can vouch for that seemingly random behavior with hierarchical groups. I don’t remember it being an OS bug tho’ Christian may have mentioned that sometime when I’ve complained about it. I’ll live with it more easily now. :slight_smile:

By the way, “View->Expand/Collapse All” haven’t worked in DT Pro for about the past half dozen releases.

I’ll check if Expand/Collapse All work as expected.