Growl notifications

I believe this issue of Growl notifications for DT was brought up sometime last year, but I am wondering if it is on the todo list now. I dislike the bouncing dock icon, it’s like a buzzing fly in your ear.

In some earlier threads, others mentioned they would prefer a spoken message. Spoken notifications are actually a choice in Growl, so supporting Growl would still allow those who want voice notices.

The reason this has become more of an issue for me now is because of DT Office. The OCR process take no small amount of time, and even longer if it is a big PDF. Growl notification here would be absolutely wonderful, rather than having to switch back and forth to find out when the OCR process is done.

There may be other processes that users would want Growl notification for, but for me it is the end of the OCR process as well as anything that bounces the dock.


thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for upcoming releases.

Great! Thanks Christian.

I’ll second this… just supporting Danzac’s idea.


i just started using growl and like the softer and more informative approach. the bouncing icon to me associates with “hey i need your attention, HEY HEY HEY LOOK HERE, YOU!”

when you click on the bouncing icon to find out what the calamity is all about, there is… nothing

i’m not sure why i feel like this, but i think most apple programs bounce only when they have trouble (like mail unable to send/retrieve)

I agree, Growl notification regarding when OCR is completed with DT Office would be valuable.

Also, for those who would prefer Growl notifications, great.

BUT, please DO NOT remove the bouncing ball. I use DT, DA, and the awesome DEVONnote (the Rodney Dangerfield of the DEVON apps - it “can’t get any respect”) with Services heavily throughout the day.

  1. The bouncing ball is a subtle and very brief notification that the action has been carried out/completed. I get a “Hey, the task is completed” - very reassuring things are running smoothly.

  2. The bouncing ball notification does not disrupt what I am doing, and does not require me to direct any direct action to it. If it is the appropaite app for the Service I invoked, I expect for “that” doc icon to bounce (off to the right side of screen where my doc is), with nothing to read or really focus on.

  3. An audible notification would not be appropriate for my particular work environment, and I would be hearing it constantly throughout the day (whether in a meeting, concentrating on research and writing, listening to music, or the news).

  4. GROWL notifications require a 3rd party download. While I know they are quite useful and specifically for OS X, it still requires an add-on (I believe it is not built into Leopard). This should only be a compatibility feature of DEVON-tech apps.

  5. Should not lose a feature I feel is extremely well implemented.

A possible solution is to add a Preference item for notification types: bouncing ball, audible, GROWL, etc., or all of them. This would address most everyone’s preferred work style (though I don’t know the ease or difficulty of implementing this).

Usage note: I use DEVONnote extensively as a workaround since DT can not have multiple databases open at once yet. DN catches most everything if not related to the open DT database.


Oops, of course I meant “bouncing icon”.

I would love to have Growl notifications when I invoke a DEVONthink command via the services menu.

Thanks in advance

Ideally indicating successful or failed completion, if possible. Not that I can remember one of them ever failing though I suppose it could happen. :slight_smile:

Yesterday a “take new rich note” service operation failed after taking two notes in rapid… :wink: The icon was bouncing but there was only the first note in my inbox.

This being Friday, I went through the contents of some weekly journals and a science news site and picked a total of 46 papers, abstracts and articles for capture into a database.

I’ll open a source site in DEVONagent and browse the contents; I Command-click on potentially interesting items. That downloads the page into a new tab while I’m continuing to browse the site.

This afternoon I tabbed more than 60 potentially useful items. Some of them I eliminated quickly on further inspection, just by closing the tab for an item. I ended up with 46 imported to my database.

My preferred capture mode is by rich text notes. No ads, no other search-confusing text or links, no formatting chores or quirks if I later wish to select excerpts, easy to annotate. Some sites, such as Science Magazine, make it easy to select a complete article including images and tables by “swoop” selecting from the bottom up. Some sites provide a printer-friendly version, which is then selected. After selection in DEVONagent, I Control-click on text and choose Add Selection to DEVONthink. As I’m moving the cursor up to close that tab and move to the next item, I see, almost subliminally, a comforting bounce in the Dock, indicating successful capture, and requiring no action on my part.

I use Growl in DEVONagent to notify me of the completion of a search. That little splash screen will notify me of completion no matter what I’m doing at the time, and provides useful information about the number of results. But then I’ve got to click on it to make it go away. I don’t want to add another action to my downloads of new content. I don’t want to hear Growl speak to me. I wouldn’t object to some non-intrusive, quiet signal of successful capture by Growl – rather like a comforting bounce or two in the Dock. :slight_smile:

Some users are reluctant to add third-party utilities that do interesting things to the operating system. I applaud that attitude. I try to keep a pretty stock OS, because I’ve seen too many examples of problems resulting from such software. If a user doesn’t wish to install Growl, that’s fine. Some signal such as a quick bounce or two in the Dock can work for that user.

You might check your Growl options. My notifications disappear on their own, no clicking required.


Good example. That’s happened to me, though not recently enough that I remembered without your reminder. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reminding me to take a look at Growl. I found that I didn’t have the current version, although I thought I had checked for automatic notification.

So I was breaking another of my admonitions about such add-ons. Not keeping up with the current version is a way to have problems, especially after OS X updates. :slight_smile: