There are links to a GTD template and a GTD tutorial in the sample To-Do List database, however, they are dated and do not work.

I managed to track down the template through Pascal Venier’s blog. However, when it was downloaded it didn’t go into my download folder. Instead, DEVONthink opened a small window with the zip file for the template listed above a link to Venier’s website/blog. When I click on it it asks me for “referrer,” username, and password. What is “referrer”? Username and password for what?

It would be more convenient if downloads initiated through DEVONthink just went to my downloads folder. [He says now, not understanding the rational for this seemingly unnecessarily complicated procedure.]

While I’m at it, any other references to application of GTD – with which I am familiar but have not actually attempted to implement before now – would be appreciated as well.


I can’t answer your question about downloads, but I can tell you how DT has become a critical part of my GTD system.

I basically use DT as my filing cabinet. For task management, I use OmniFocus. Both DT and OF have “copy item link” features that give you a link that can be opened from the other program (or any other program). That’s how I connect the documents in my DT database to the tasks in OF. I use links going both ways. If I need to reply to an email, I import the email into DT, copy the link, and create a new OF task to reply to the email. Then in the task notes I paste in the DT link. For projects where I need to do a bot of organizing or planning, I create an RTF document in DT, and paste the OF project link in that doc. The I copy the RTF item link and paste it in the OF project notes. This way I have two-way navigation from OF to DT, so I can easily jump between my project support materials and the tasks.

The item links work perfectly when synching both of those apps to my iPad, which is fantastic.

You can try to use DT as a GTD task manager – I’ve seen the template, and given some thought to it myself, but haven’t tried it yet. I can say that you can build an extremely effective setup if you use DT as a document database in conjunction with a dedicated task management system.

The Download Manager in DT has numerous options. A few minutes with the Help topic on Download might be useful. Among the many settings, is the ability to have DT download to a folder. If, for example, you like to use ~/Downloads as your default in your browser, then you can use the same destination in DT.

Thanks, korm. I’ll check it out.

Glad to see that, but I’ll check out the other settings, too.

Thanks, padillac. I might eventually want to try something like that. I know I’ve wished for links between applications in the past. For now, though, because I’m brand new to DT, I’m gonna see what I can do with it.

I believe the sample database I’ve been working with is the Pascal Venier GTD template. I have no experience with GTD, but have been exploring how I might use what I found in the template. I’ve been making changes in the process. The result is a combination of parts of the template and the list-based system I’ve been using till now.

Thanks for the suggestions, and I’ll keep them in mind.