Guide for url schemes in DevonThink?

I started out wondering if there is a DevonThink url scheme for launching a search for items with a certain tag. I know I can create a smart group that filters to a tag, and I can also get the URL for a tag, but I was hoping I could add a standard URL within a master project document that creates a query for all documents with the project tag.

I found some very advanced constructions that converted into AppleScript, but I have not found any kind of comprehensive guide to the basics of url schemes in DevonThink. Please direct me to any resources that may educate me!


As with many things DEVONthink, check the Help.

Help > Documentation > Automation > URL Commands.

And an example…

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Thanks! Of course there’s a help section. I had searched for “url scheme”. This is exactly what I was looking for!

You’re welcome.