Guide for url schemes in DTTG3?


I am new to DevonThink and looking for some automation possibilities on iOS and would like to play with DTTG3 url scheme capabilites?

Haven’t found the link to the documentation yet. Where can I find it?

Furthwrmore I hope / wish it’s build in an interactive way. A great example is the Things url scheme page.

Greetings from Germany


Help → Appendix → URL commands

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Welcome @dahanbn

There is no “URL scheme builder”. The URL scheme is typically meant for use in the Shortcuts application. Do also look at the Shortcuts Actions section fo the Help as well, as URL schemes aren’t the only option.

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Thank you both. I will play with those. (URL Schemes & Shortcuts)

No problem.

Be aware though in DTTG version 3 it is no longer possible to transfer the UUID (a unique number of each DT record) as input into Shortcuts, as this appears to have been deliberately removed to my disappointment.

The Shortcut actions appear to have been primarily designed as a ‘one-way street’ (from Shortcuts to DTTG and not the other way around) which seriously criples it’s usability IMO.

Apparently some apps didn’t use the correct input if content was shared from DTTG to that app, but removing the UUID seems somewhat of a crude counter measure to circumvent that problem if you ask me, as Shortcuts could easily be used as a filter to do that for example.

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