Hand over files to 3rd party app which are not selected


possibly found a bug in DevonThink. When passing multiple files from DevonThink to another application, files are passed to that application that were not selected for the hand over. Apparently DevonThink is passing data that is in the trash can during this process. The error occurred when passing multiple audio files to “Yate” (via “Open with…”) from a smart folder.

Choose a folder with different audio files.
Delete some audio files
Select all audio files in the folder and execute the “Open with > Yate” command

Expected result:
Only the selected files will be displayed in Yate

Actual result:
Audio files are displayed in Yate that were not selected, and are actually in the trash can.

Are you referring to indexed files?

Delete some audio files

Deleting how ?

Del key, moved to Trash in DT

No, not indexed files. Files were imported in DT.

Please record a screencast of this behavior, upload it, and send me a link in a support ticket. Thanks!