Handling folder and subfolders


I have a request. As things stand if you have the following structure

“Folder 1”
“Subfolder 1”
“Subfolder 2”

DT displays “Folder 1” as containing two items (i.e. “Folder 1” (2) even if sub-folders 1 and 2 are empty at the moment. I see no need to display that. It gives the impression that “Folder 1” contains an item when in fact it doesn’t. I could accept that “Folder 1” shows 1 item if there was actually an item (other than sub-folders, somewhere in the “Folder 1” tree. Is there possibly a way to turn this on or off so that I can say that a sub-folder should not count as content?



This will be revised by the next release.

Fixed :smiley: