Handling of unread topics.

Just a small thing, not very important but niggles me a little.

Would it be possible to include the facility to mark “unread topics” as "read"on the user’s unread posts page as well as only on the Board Index page please? At the moment I scan the unread posts page, read those that seem applicable or interest me and then have to go back to the main Board page to mark the remainder as read. As I say not vital but niggling.



Thank you for the suggestion. We have plans to rework our website in general and this will include moving to a new forum software. phpBB3 is a terrible moster and hard to maintain. So let’s see what the new software will allow us to do here.

Any suggestions for modern board system welcome, BTW.

Thanks for your reply and I hope you and the right board system for this. I am afraid I know next to nothing about how systems work and am therefore very grateful to folk like you who make these things available to techno-idiots like me! :wink:

Best regards,


Recommendation for Forum System --> Discourse works great for Curio and OmniGroup.


This is actually the one on the top of our list :slight_smile: