Handling RSS feed with Devonthink

For mac, there’s this url scheme that’s handled by other rss readers, such as


Could devonthink be made to handle those?

That’s been supported for quite some time. Have you tried it?

Yes indeed. I click on the URL as shown in the picture below

However, it will only generate this single entry, and it has nothing when I refresh it

Meanwhile, if I import manually, it will work

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That’s not a valid URL…


You have feed:// and :https:// protocols in the URL.


Thanks for letting me know, it’s a bug in my chrome extension :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. I think your other problem is you’re using Chrome :roll_eyes::wink:


lol how I wish I could get other extensions to work in safari :sob:

I can’t speak to that as I use exactly one extension in any browser: Clip to DEVONthink :smiley:


Good for you! Just a small follow up question though, after removing the https in the url, devonthink is able to fetch it correctly, however, the name of the item will not be automatically updated. Is this intended behavior or something I can fix with something in the setting?

AFAIK DEVONthink fetches the name from the feed, at least that’s what it does with other feeds. So I guess your feed doesn’t provide another name.

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@pete31 is correct. DEVONthink will attempt to resolve the name, if possible.

PS: I would suggest you strip off feed:// instead.

Could you try this feed? https://commoncog.com/blog/rss/

If I import this feed directly through new item → feed, the title will be resolved.
However, if I add use feed://https://commoncog.com/blog/rss/ and click on it, it will show feed as title in devonthink.
Then when I delete the feed:// as @BLUEFROG suggests, the name is not fetched!
Could you look into this problem? Thanks!

A feed URL doesn’t have to start with feed://. Some use an http protocol.

Indeed, I understand what you’re saying.

What I’m describing is that the title will not be auto-retrieved after deleting the feed:// prefix.

i.e., if I import link directly, it will work. If I import feed://link and then delete feed://, then auto retriving title won’t work.

How does the complete URL look like when importing?

full url during importing:

That’s still an invalid URL, it should be either feed://commoncog.com/blog/rss/ or https://commoncog.com/blog/rss/. But even then the title isn’t retrieved as the feed’s title contains unnecessarily CDATA instead of just plain text, never seen a feed doing this before. An upcoming release will probably support this.

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