Handwritten notes/external program/notability

I use DEVONthink extensively for storing documents. At the moment because of its universal sync I find Evernote useful as an on-=the-go inbox, particularly since the import to DT for ultimate filing works so well. (A DT global inbox on Dropbox seems to sync rather slowly in comparison. In addition because Evernote is nearly empty it’s somehow easier to see what is current in there)
However for note taking in meetings etc I find Notability to be the best programme on an iPad with a pencil. Is there an easy way to import the notes from it to DEVONthink that I have missed? An import function or script akin to the Evernote one would be great.
Or has anyone found alternative workflows for handwritten note taking with note ending up in DEVONthink?



Maybe I don’t understand, but can’t you just use the share sheet to export it to DTTG?

My own strategy involves the use of Goodnotes, which allows an automatic PDF backup to Dropbox. I then have DT index them. So while I still will use the share sheet to export certain notebooks/notes to particular databases/groups, I have my main database always indexing them (and I have Hazel working away in the background tagging them).

This would be my first instinct for how easiest to do what you’re looking to do.

Thanks. Great suggestion. Notability does the same back up system so that’s what I’ll do