Has anyone set up a "contacts" or "address book" database?

In yet another move to consolidate much of my daily stuff into DTPO, I performed the Import > Address Book function, which imported my contacts as a sheet (which is what it’s supposed to do).

However, I’d like to have a template or something that will create a page or document or whatever that has fields to be filled in with my address book data. Ideally the process would automatically create an “Index card” for each contact through some import mechanism, or I’ll have to manually cut and paste from my AB entries to the DTPO form.

Is there such a form available?

Tangential to this question is a more general question: Is there a forum or repository of user-created empty databases and/or forms that others can download? I know DT has a few example databases in the Academy section but more contributions from users would be nice.


DEVONthink Pro 2 doesn’t include a form/record view right now but this will added to a later release.

As in DTPO 3? Or as part of the GA release of DTPO 2? Or somewhere in between? :smiling_imp:

Thanks, Christian.


It will be 2.x.