Have DEVONacademy and Tutorials been updated to 2.0.2?


was wondering if all the screenshots, screencasts and DEVONacademy have been updated to the newer version of DevonThink.

thanks and regards,


The scripts/tutorials haven’t been updated yet and therefore not all of them are accessible at the moment.

As a newbee in DEVONthink Pro, I also recommend that all your Videos Tutorials available on your Web Site should be updated ASAP because it becomes very hard to understand some of the new functions/commands and features of DevonThink 2.0.3.

Unfortunately, it seem’s that some commands, buttons and other functionalities of older version of DEVONthink Pro have been changed since previous versions (for example, the “Outlining” command) and it becomes very hard and frustrating to understand where it is in the new version!

Is it not because some of certain functionalities of DEVONthink Pro where slightly changed and/or dissapeared in this new version?

I just hope the new Video Tutorials will be available to us very soon? In the meantime I just bought the book on how to “Take control of DEVONthink2” by Joe Kissel so I could understand 3.0.3 better and will ease my “Learning Curve”.

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