Having a nervous breakdown: PDF annotations disappeared: looking for a workaround

DTTG 3.3.3 (17191)
I just installed the latest update of DTTG, spent the evening annotating technical PDFs and this morning all annotations have disappeared. Note that after annotating, I had returned to the DTTG3 main page (I did not leave the iPad last night with the PDF displayed).
When I discovered that the annotations were lost, I was going to scream but fortunately managed to control myself and not wake up the neighbours.
Possible Workaround ?
If the disappearing annotations are simply a bug linked to DTTG, I was wondering if it would be safer to annotated PDFs by opening the PDF in another app
open PDF in DTTG3 → open in other app (Foxit) → make annotations → save→ return to DTTG.
Note that the PDF is opened in Foxit via DTTG, not directly in Foxit.
Or is there a way to insure that annotations are not lost in DDTG ?
thanks in advance for your time and help

With ‘annotations’ you mean annotations added to the PDF itself, not a separate annotation document added through the Info panel, correct? Did you close the PDF after adding the annotations or did you simply leave DEVONthink To Go open?

the only annotations were highlighting in yellow in my iPad a PDF which has been imported into DevonThink on my Mac, put in the reading list, synced with DTTG.
I did not go through the info panel.

In DTTG on my iPad, I went to the reading list → annotated (highlights in yellow) the PDF → once finished, pressed the arrow back ← to return to DTTG which I assume “closed” the PDF in DDTTG.
I then left DTTG open all night. I did NOT close the app. By close I mean app switcher to display all open apps→ swipe up on DTTG to close it.

I then synced DTTG with DevonThink on my Mac, close the app on my Mac (for my nightly backup) but left it open (not closed) on my iPad

thank you

Hello again, sorry to bother you. I have a lot of work today annotating PDFs and I was wondering if you would have a solution or workaround to suggest.
Example: if I annotate on iPad → sync → check that annotations are visible on my Mac, can I beruhigt sein that the annotations will not disappear.
thanks again

Yes, when the annotations are visible on the Mac, you can relax. We’ll still check when PDF annotations are saved and why they might not get saved (and to inform you as a user about it).

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thanks very much for the info and taking time to reply.

If you make a subtle change to the syncing database, say add a color label or a flag to a file, does that change propagate to the Mac, and vice versa?

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very sorry for the delay ! I missed your post.
It happened only once. Following @eboehnisch 's instructions, I now sync, and check on my mac that all annotations have been transferred. For the moment, the problem seems like a one time glitch.
thanks again for your reply


You’re welcome and glad to hear it’s behaving. :slight_smile: