HELP!! Accidentally trashed hundreds of files


I can’t believe that I actually did this but I accidentally trashed ~hundreds of files in Easyfind. I was searching for “ape” to remove any trace of unsanity haxies and a huge list resulted. I used the commmand+delete keys without thinking and now I have no idea where many of these files belong. Undo did nothing within Easyfind.

Does anyone have a suggestion to restore them to their rightful places? :-[ >:(


Edit:I ended up running another search on a similar volume, comparing those files with the ones I trashed and then reinstalling some files manually and some apps entirely.



Sounds like some of the dumb things I’ve done. :slight_smile:

I’m glad to see that you’re recovered from the mass deletion.


Command-Delete just moves the files to the trash and they might be still there if you didn’t empty the trash in the meantime.

Command-Delete doesn’t alert the user because it works like the Finder and doesn’t delete any data immediately (contrary to Command-Shift-Delete).

The Finder has a single level undo that can put back things moved to trash.  The undo in EasyFind doesn’t seem to support this.