Help: Copy a list of URLs into Sites Tab in a Search Set?

I have a list of 200 URLS that I want to include in a Search Set under “Sites” to search in specifically.

I have tried the following:

  • putting all the sites into a .html file, opening that file in the DA Browser and choosing “Add to Set” in the context menu. This creates a link to the .html file in the Sites Tab of the desired Search Tab, but does not actually search the sites (0 results).

  • putting the sites into a .csv or .xls table (one in each line, only one column) and trying it with drag & drop or copy/paste - no reaction from DA

  • putting the sites into a .txt (one line each) and trying it with drag & drop or copy/paste - no reaction from DA

The DA manual says that using copy/paste or drag and drop works to add URLS, however I find that this only works with single URLS that way. Now I’m at the end of my wisdom and need help figuring out how to get that list of URLS into the “Sites tab” at once, without having to copy every single URL…

thank you!

Did you try the “Add All Links To Set” command too? Are the links really linked in the HTML code?

Thanks for your support! It worked the following way: the list of links was copied and all links activated -> saved as .hmt file, opened in the Browser and then using the “Add All links to Set” command. A bit of a hassle but the result is what I was looking for.

An old thread but I now have the same question and this solution is not working for me.
I have an HTM file with just a list of URL’s in it exported from DT. I have tried selecting all the URL’s and choosing ADD ALL LINKS TO SET but they don’t show up anywhere.

sorry another premature post - it works once the URL’s in the excel sheet are converted to hyperlinks.