Help! DA goes crazy :O


Somebody help me! Suddenly DA went crazy. I was visiting Wikipedia when I typed “Option +” several times (good for my ageing eyes). And then things got weird. No more access to DA’s main menu, “Option -” doesn’t do a thing. On all the websites that I visit, the text is not big: it’s HUGE and I cannot get back to a decent size. I’ll email a screenshot, this is impressive :confused:

If my memory’s right, I typed “Option +” 3 times. I do this several times a day and it has never been a problem.

When I say “Option”, I mean the key with an apple. I always forget its name in English :unamused:

Hope you can rescue me :wink:

– Jérôme

Edit.—After restarting my Power Mac, everything is back to normal. Actually, not only DA but all the apps were affected by strange disease after I typed “Option +”

Sounds like you’ve accidently typed the key combination for hardware zoom, especially as the screenshot you’ve sent to me looks fine and as all applications were affected.

I didn’t know this existed on Mac OS X. Sorry, I panicked a little bit when this happened :confused: