Help - deleting files and update indexing of folder outside of the database behaviour changed

This last week DEVONthink seems to be acting differently. I have the database on my Mac but index files outside the database on my NAS via a network share. All of a sudden when I delete files in DEVONthink the files remain in the folder on my NAS instead of deleting. Also I have occasions where I have copied files into the NAS folders outside of DEVONThink, however, when I select the group (same as folder on NAS) and update indexed items it fails to find the new files. It also fails to find those deleted where the files still exist in the folders.

Stupid question: Did you check that the NAS folder is still mounted and accessible outside of DT, e.g. in the Finder?


The issues seem to be related to changes in deleting and trash functionality
Rather than move the deleted files on the NAS to a trash folder it leaves them there.
Only until empty trash is used that the files are removed from the NAS.

This effects my workflow.

How do you connect to your NAS? SMB, AFP, something else?

There has been no update to DEVONthink that would cause different behavior.

  • When you delete the indexed files and empty the Trash, what prompt is displayed?
  • Have you indexed the folder or files on your NAS to more than one location?


  1. I get nothing when deleting, emptying trash I have two option “remove imported items” and “remove all items” I select the latter.
  2. I have created a new database the old one is still there but closed. I’ll try removing it.

This is strange I am sure it moved a trash folder on the NAS or into the database.
I will try a script to get the feature. Is there a way to create a smart rule to move a file to a folder called trash or “Trashed Items” before deleting?

I must be losing my mind