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I finally wanted to know, if bookmarklets could be useful to me. Typed ‘Bookmarklet’ in the Search field of DTPro Help, got some results, clicked on the first of them and after some seconds the window with the Help’s text regarding Bookmarklets disappeared and I got a note, I should connect to the Internet. What’s wrong?
(I am connected to the Internet, but assume that I should be able to read the Help file offline.)

I tried with the new Beta 4.

The help viewer wants to connect to the Internet as soon as it finds something that is not available. Is the Help Viewer able to connect to the net? Do you use something like Little Snitch that blocks access?

I don’t have Little Snitch. And the Help Viewer is not able to connect to the Internet, why should he?
It happens only with this one page (Bookmarklets), I can read other topics without problems.

Is it possible to post screenshots? How?

Just to note that I have exactly the same problem.

I do not have Little Snitch installed, but do have the Leopard firewall on.

Same problem on my side. The help page dedicated to “bookmarklets” can not be displayed and the message “connection to Internet needed” (something like that) takes the place of the desired page.
Note 1: I am connected to Internet.
Note 2: I have allowed incoming connections for DTP in System preferences > Security > Firewall.

Hope you’ll be able to provide us with a fix.

It seems that it’s not easy to work around this Help Viewer … pecularity. I have instead moved the bookmarklets to the following publicly accessible page: Download Extras

The next revision of the online help will point to that page.

Thank you for the workaround Eric.
I got the helpful explanation, installed “Clip 2 DT” which works very fine. Having consolidated in one interface the various bookmarlets is a very nice idea. That way, I will be able to remove the separate bookmarklets I had in my Bookmarks bar.

Extra comments about DTP 2.0:
The more I use it the more I like it. The new features (especially, multiple database edition, smart groups, tabs management, sorter…) are terrific. The app really behaves as a pro and matured one.
One major concern: the current version of the embedded browser seems to be (much more) slower than the previous release.
Looking forward to receiving the next enhancements, especially the very desired feature “Tag edition and Tag view”.

For time being, the best of the competition.
Great job :slight_smile:

That’s handy – thanks.

I’d still love to see “Last Updated” datestamps and/or version numbers for even more downloadable files on DTech’s site so it’s easier to determine if newer versions are available. As a specific example, if the Clip to DEVONthink bookmarklet is updated I’d want to download/install it again though currently I can’t conveniently know if/when to do that.