Help improvement suggestions

just working into the product, after acquiring licenses a long time ago finally.
I stumbled across some minor topics, maybe i just oversaw some capabilities hence:

  1. I cannot link or share a link to help topics. It would be great to have the product help on the web and being able to link into it directly e.g. for discussions on forums, or at least when creating notes in DT, add a x-devonthink://link to help page link into.

  2. I cannot zoom using cmd and +/- in the help. If you are leaveraging a retina display a lot of the fonts are too small. On navigator and main window, that can be set as a preference, but i have not found such an option for the help system. Also in the instpectors area, i did not find such an option yet?

+ 1

That would indeed be great.

For now you could use this script which indexes a copy of DEVONthink’s help file into the global inbox. After you’ve run the script you can move the group wherever you like.

I suppose that’s a limitation of Apple’s help viewer. As you said, it might be a good idea to provide a link to a web version of the help in the “Help” menu. The help viewer is not a very good program anyway (using nice terms instead of the deserved expletives).

I have to say that I always download the (constantly updated—for every release, however minor)—handbook and read it in my pdf app. When I need to refer to it in a forum post, following something learned from @BLUEFROG, I highlight the relevant section, take a screenshot and upload that.

I appreciate that’s not so neat as what you suggest…but it does work.