Help me capture a web page please

The tutorial makes it sound so easy. One or two clicks and I can have a page in DT for posterity.

Last night I was trying out the feature of capturing a web page. It was the actual page from the 1920 census. I used the instructions in the tutorial and got it as a link. In the future if I wish to view the page I will need to be connected to the internet. Is that a correct assumption?

I also tried the page capture feature in the Download manager. It downloaded the page but I have no idea where it is. When I click on the record it brings up an icon of a folder called Vault (5). When I open that it gives me another folder with a name (4) and continues in that count down until I finally reach the image which is very small and unreadable. When I search on Vault, nothing comes up so I cannot determine the path to it.

Obviously, I am doing something wrong. Can anyone figure out what?

You could use the capture commands of the contextual menu of the Web view (e.g. “Capture web archive”). Or add the capture items to the toolbar.

If you capture the page as a web archive, as Christian suggests, you can view it offline. You may also capture the page, from within Safari, as a pdf in DevonThink (actually, save it from the print dialogue) .

The download manager is not very “usable”, IMO. I avoid it, preferring to capture individual pages.

If you choose to use it, it seems to capture the site hierarchy and you may need to dig for your target page. Playing with the settings can make a big difference but I have yet to figure out how to use it to create a useful and user-friendly off-line site archive.

Alternatively, the very good DevonAgent 8) web browser can save pages directly to DT.

This is a long one so bear with me.

In the tutorial under Task: Archiving web pages offline it provides instructions to capture a page. The final sentence in that set of instructions is “The created webarchive document contains all necessary data to viewed [sic] the page offline.” However, when I try it the image is not there. The part of the page that contains icons, text, etc. is the only thing that appears offline.

Christian suggested I try capture note. That seems to work but the image is not large enough to read and zooming does not enlarge the image, only the rest of the page. I’m not certain if this can be viewed offline.

Later in the instructions it tells how to capture a complete page including images. Again, this captures everything but the image.

Since the image is the most important part of what I need to see, does anyone have any other suggestions? All the promo info on the web site seems to point to using DT for just that purpose. I can’t seem to get it to work.

Can anyone help?

Open the image in a browser window by itself and try capturing that. You can also drag images from a browser window onto the desktop or even DT.