Help: Multiplying New Group Folders

Each time I launch DT Office empty “New Group” folders are generated in my inbox. Any thoughts? Also, each time I launch the program I get the Leopard warning that DT has just been downloaded from the internet, and asking me to confirm that I want to run the program. The warning doesn’t expire after the first launch like with other apps…


  1. Can you delete the empty folders from your Inbox? Do so, if possible.

  2. Quit DTPO2. Find and delete the Inbox folder at /Home/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/.

  3. Launch DTPO2. The Inbox folder should be created again. Did a new empty folder appear in your Global Inbox?

That seemed to work – no more folders automatically appearing. Thanks!

Anyone have thoughts on the second issue?

thx again

I’m having the same problem. Every time I put something in the Global Inbox, a new ghost (?) folder called “English Bible” appears (I guess because at some point I created that folder when I first started playing with DT).

I’ve deleted the folder/group, quit DTP2; gone to Library/ApplicationSupport/DTP2 and deleted the inbox folder, but as soon as I load up DTP2 again the folder appears, and appears, and appears. If I’ve added 6 items to the global inbox, I get 6 English Bible folders!




For some reason the file quarantine isn’t being cleared, possibly because of what the last paragraph of the article says:

However, if you have multiple user accounts on your Mac, the user account that downloaded the file is the only user account that can remove the quarantine attribute to the file. All other user accounts can open the quarantine file, but they will be presented with the quarantine dialog box asking “Are you sure you want to open it?” every time they open the file and will have to click the Open button.

If you can’t find some other way to remove the quarantine warning I’d try downloading, reinstalling, and first launching the app all under the same account.

aha… that makes sense – the multiple accounts. Thanks again to all.

I’ve attached a picture of my magical multiplying folders.

As you can see, for every item in the inbox there is an empty folder titled English Bible.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Have you repeatedly added a folder named English Bible to the global Inbox?

When importing folders to the global Inbox there’s a possibility of duplicates groups for them appearing in DT. I’m still vague on the details since I discovered that for the first time yesterday when testing something discussed in Copying directly to Global Inbox in the Finder – is it safe.

I have the same problem that every time I start DTPO, I get a new “InBox (0)” folder appearing in my group InBox. If I quit and restart DTPO, another InBox (0) folder appears.

I’ve tried the fixes presented in this forum, but did not fix the problem.

What I notice though is that this only happens when I have the Sorter running. If I quit the Sorter, I can open DTPO numerous times and no new InBox folders are created. As soon as I have the Sorter active, the problem returns.

in the Sorter, the only folders that I have are the “Global InBox” (default you cannot edit) and one folder, “Income 2009”, from my database. Even after deleting this folder from Sorter leaving only the default Global Inbox folder, the problem remains.

I’m running DTPO v2.0pb7 on my MacPro running Snow Leopard 10.6.1.

Any suggests are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Bud James