Help need on Save URL to PDF script

I need to have some way to save URL information to PDF’s that are created within DT2 either by use of the existing “Convert Selected to PDF” script or in a separate script. There are a couple of possibilities that I can see:

  1. Using a Workflow action called “set PDF metadata”

  2. Using a scriptable PDF reader such as Skim or PDF Clerk.

Problem is that my scripting abilities are pretty much limited to modifying existing scripts and I have no idea how to either incorporate one of the above into an existing DT script (is it possible) or how to write one from scratch. Is anybody interested in this enough to help or would it make more sense to wait for DT2’s comming annotation feature?

Where are you planning to embed the URL? As a text note in the PDF? What about in the Spotlight comments? I think that would be your most easily implemented option, it would work for people without PDFpen, and it would import into DT (I think there’s an option for that, right?).

There are a couple of options:

  1. Printing the URL to the page just as Safari does.

  2. Modifying the PDF meta data to add the URL to the subject line for example.

Spotlight might be the easiest but it makes thing Mac dependent and I would prefer a platform-independent solution