Help requested: document publication date search

Is there a way within DT3 to search for saved documents by the original publication date of the article?

That is, not by the date I may have “modified” it or “created,” “opened,” or “added,” it to my database?

Looking online at a typical article source code I see that there is often metadata with a format similar to “datePublished”:“2020-11-09”. I have tried searching Metadata/matches/“datePublished”:“2020-11-09*” but no results, even when I know I have documents with this date.

I have also searched "All/matches/“datePublished”:“2020-11-09”. In addition, I have tried with an asterisk at the end for those instances where there may be additional information following the date. For instance, a Washington Post article uses “datePublished”:“2020-11-09T00:54:48Z” so I tried “datePublished”:“2020-11-09*” as well as “datePublished”:“November 9, 2020”.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Only if you set a custom metadata date on your own to the publication date. Or do the articles contain a digital object identifier (DOI)? Then the smart rule script Download Bibliographic Metadata might be able to download & add some custom metadata.

How do I “set a custom metadata date on your own to the publication date”?

See Help > Documentation > Preferences > Data and Inspectors > Info for information on custom metadata.

Thank you. I learned something!

You’re welcome and glad to hear it. I learn new things every day! :slight_smile: