Help requested improving workflow: URL of added images

I’m currently doing research that involves adding lots of images from web pages to a DEVONthink Pro database.

My current workflow is to right-click an image and select “Add Image To DEVONthink”. The image is added to my database, and the URL of the image file is associated with it. Everything works smoothly and exactly as one would expect.

For my research, though, the URL of the image file itself isn’t needed; what’s needed is the URL of the web page in which the image was embedded and which describes it. So after adding the image as described above, I manually copy the URL of the web page and replace the auto-filled URL. Is there any way to automate this? – some way of having “Add Image To DEVONthink” pass along the URL of the web page rather than the image file itself?

Thanks for any suggestions!

This is a behavior I would love to see as well. It’s especially frustrating when the source of the image is a CDN, e.g. Amazon S3, which gives no context of where the image was sourced from.