Help with a plugin

Seeing that I know very little regarding xml, is it possible to right a plugin for this page?

At the bottom of the page is a search box that I would like to put into a plugin.

Any help would be appreciated.

PS - I am a very happy DevonThink Pro, DevonThink TO Go , and DevonAgent user!

A basic plugin can be created via File > New Plugin… and pasting into the URL field.


How do I find out that this is what I need to put in the plug-in ?
I have looked with Safari developper inspector and would like to know of a reliable method to find out how the queries are handled by URLs


Unfortunately most settings (including the URL) of advanced plug-ins depend highly on the website. However, if the website is indexed by Google and/or Bing, then you could create a simple plug-in by choosing File > New Plug-In and pasting the domain (including the desired subdirectory if desired, e.g.

Another possibility introduced by version 3.4 is to create a new search set (see Windows > Search Sets), to add the desired domain (and subdirectory) to the list of sites and to switch the mode from “Crawl” to “Search”. You could even add multiple domains to one search set that way and therefore search multiple sites in one go.