Help with Bible Verses automation: script / template / smart rule


First of all, I would like to say many thanks for this forum. I improve a lot my database and I really like even more DevonThink.

Nowadays, I’ve working in a data base with 1.746 markdown files. Just to have an ideia, this database support my studies about Bible verses.


  1. New Testament Book: I focus on a particular tradutor that I would like to use his translate notes (Haroldo D. Dias)
  2. Site I use it to mention Bible verses in greek
  3. Texts comments: For each Bible verses I would like to mention one or more texts that another author wrote about (Emmanuel).

After a hard work, I understood the result that I would like to have:

  1. BIBLE VERSES GROUP: This image show each markdown file. See that for some of them I need to include notes.

  1. GREEK BIBLE: I access this site to copy bible verses in greek.

Captura de Tela 2020-05-15 às 10.21.47

  1. TEXTS TO REFER: These is a group with comments that I want to use to refer it Bible verse.


  1. BIBLE VERSES with a specific style: I write a simple model in markdown that mentions:
    a) Verses name
    b) verses text
    c) verses in greek
    d) text list of comment author (each text has a Devonthink link)
    e) notes of translate author
    f) Aliases (eg. Mt 5.5 was refer also in Lc 5.6)
    g) Wiki Linking (if possible define it as a wiki, so when I wrote Mt 5.5 link it directly)

  1. TEXTS with a specific style: I write a simple model in markdown that mentions:
    a) Text title
    b) Numerical paragraphs
    d) Links to the previous verses (eg. Mt 5.5 link to this verses)
    e) Aliases (Mt 5.5)

I used to do that, one by one, and after a hard work I think I need some help to automation it. Maybe a template, a smart rule, or a script :scream:

I just what to select a text, copy it to transfer area and past in the right style. Look my complex work :sleepy:

Any ideas? :crossed_fingers:

Remember, I am a beginner user, although I use DevonThink a lot to input data, I have poor experience to automation it.

You probably need someone who knows markdown and regex and reference materials, perhaps @Bernardo_V may be able to help when he reads your post. Obviously, @BLUEFROG is always here to support us.

Thanks @ngan

Today I focus on create bible verses using markdown. What I want is select a text and create a new markdown using the title that appears in the beginner.

Captura de Tela 2020-05-16 às 08.58.19

A short cut or a service to create this markdown show be great, because I don’t have it im my system.

Captura de Tela 2020-05-16 às 09.03.27

I would like to know how can I use markdown templates using text in transfer area.

And I would like to modify this input text to turn it in this style (because I need to remove the old number references, in this example the numbers 303 and 304).

Captura de Tela 2020-05-16 às 09.06.25

To me this seems way too complex for a single simple solution. Perhaps the documentation could help (e.g. the section on wiki links)? Also, Multimarkdown Composer has a really nice Syntax Cheatsheet which could be helpful.

You are right @Bernardo_V.

I decide to simplify it. I created a new data base with only two groups: verses and texts. I turn on link wiki in preference and it helps a lot.

Now, I just need to understand how to create a quickly markdown with a text in transfer area that’s receive the same name of the fist part of my text.

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Thanks for all @ngan @BLUEFROG @Bernardo_V

I simplify my system. I understood that I have a lot to learn.

I will keep in mind try to study more about syntax before ask my questions here.

I have a lot of work and always you guys inspire my ideas. Thanks for all.

For this point, I will try by my self.


@Bernardo_V Ii used your script:
New Markdown Note___Cmd-L.scpt.

It works perfect to solve it.
Many thanks.

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Hi, I really want to understand how to use DevonThink to keep references. Today I use Zotero, but I would like to migrate everything to DT.

Do you mind to clarify to me how does your reference system work? Specially the aliases.

I saw this picture in one of your posts.

To simplify, I just use tags, but I am not comfortable with that.