Help with exporting Mind Node documents

I don’t know if many of you use Mind Node, but they have recently removed the share shortcut from their app. I previously used this to save documents to DT it was a one-click operation & really easy. I have raised the issue with the developer but they do not seem interested in restoring the share option. They have suggested using a shortcut, but it seems to generate a link rather than a copy of the current document. I have no facility with AppleScript or Automator so am feeling a bit stuck. Does anyone have a script which can send a copy of an open Mind Node document to the DT inbox? I’m quite happy to do this via the Services menu.


Maybe keep it simple. Use Apple Finder to copy/paste a copy of the file straight into DEVONthink or to the Inbox if you prefer.

It may come to that, but I am loath to lose the convenience that has been there till now!

send a copy of an open Mind Node document to the DT inbox?

Are you trying to create versions of the MindNode document?

If not, why not save the file to an indexed folder and use a DEVONthink smart rule to move the file into your database, and perhaps elsewhere?

I think I might have to go down that route, thanks. I have overwritten previous meeting notes up till now because I could save them so easily into DT. Isn’t “progress” a wonderful thing!


So you weren’t creating versions. If you were overwriting meeting notes intentionally, why not just put a MindNode file in DEVONthink, open it externally when needed, and make edits?

You can also save a MindNode document into your DEVONthink templates to quickly make a new one, then open it externally for editing…

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It’s probably pretty poor practice but I do this with a few documents. With MN I create documents with the same title to keep notes of regular meetings. When I am done I share the version to DT. Next time the meeting comes round I create another document with the same name which over-writes the one I have saved in the folder in iCloud. That way I can use tools I enjoy & not clutter up my document folders. Mind Node is great for keeping informal notes of the meetings I attend as they are rarely linear.

Understood and it’s only a poor practice if you can’t work with it efficiently or you’re losing data :slight_smile: