Help with getting simple search plugin to work

I am trying to create a new plugin. For that I went to the plugin panel, hit new and selected ‘Search Engine’, then set up the url as “

I clicked on ‘test’ and enabled all links from the domain (, then went to create a new search and enabled ‘follow links’.

When I search, I can see that in the log things are executing correctly, all the links that it displays in log are correct but every single result has a “Error: Excluded” on the right side.

My question: Why does it exclude all the links, and how can I get it to include them? I tried comparing my plist with some of the built ins and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

I’m using the 50h trial

Have you checked the settings tab, filtering Similar or Archived results?

Also, from the Help…

Check Preferences > Search > Exclude Domains.

Oh man, yep that was it! I didn’t know a global exclusion pattern was set in the global app settings. Thanks a lot!

You’re welcome. And don’t forget the manual and built-in Help are great resources too!