help with opening a moved database

I partitioned my HD to make backup easier/quicker. I then moved my databases (5 in all) to that partition (yes I closed all my databases and DT first).
I then reopened DEVONthink Pro Office and got the usual message the databases was already in use, I continued and the first one opened, the next just did not open at all, I tried with all of them some opened some did not. I rebooted followed all the steps in the
DEVONthink claims the database is already in use. How do I overcome? FAQ

I could not find the file DEVONthink.lock anywhere.

I am also unable to edit any of the databases that did open. I have the pencil with the slash through it on all open databases

I guess I could restore from backup but I’d prefer to learn what I’ve done wrong

Thanks in advance Jeff

Restoring from backup is your safest bet.

For the future, two possibilities to consider:

The DTPO preference list (~/Library/Preferences/com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2) from your pre-partition state contains references to the former location of the databases. Before launching DTPO after a major reorg it is useful to save a copy of the plist, launch DTPO (it will create a new plist), and then open each of the databases. You’ll need to reset some preferences, but that’s easier than rebuilding a database.

If you have any indexing in a database and the originals are moved on disk, then the database will permanently lose track of the originals. The indexes have to be rebuilt. Tags, links, etc., referring to the old indexed files are gone.

Thanks for the reply, it appears I may have had a problem with “owners enabled” on my disk utility. I just changed “Ignore Ownership on this Volume” and all seems to be fixed.

Thanks again
btw if “Ignore Ownership on this Volume” will cause me any problems please let me know