Help with smart rules -- send email upon tagging

Hello, I’ve searched around the forum and cannot quite figure this out. I have a smart rule that activates on tagging when I add the tag order. According to the rule three things should happen, in this order:

  1. Execute Script - External - Reminder Tomorrow (this is built in to Devonthink)
  2. Send an email to my work address (this is entered correctly)
  3. Move the tagged file into a predefined folder

When I add that order tag to a document only step three completes. I am using mailmate, not apple mail, but I don’t think this should make a difference because Data>Send by email works just fine. Any thoughts on what could be gumming up the works?

Thanks in advance for any advice people care to share.

Please post a screen capture of the smart rule (and you can temporarily remove the email address, if you’d like).

Thanks, @BLUEFROG. Here is the screen capture.


Mailmate isn’t supported in this case due to its limited AppleScript support.

Ok, thanks for verifying that @cgrunenberg. I am still at a loss as to why the bundled script to add a reminder isn’t working, though.