Help with understanding DA Search Set setup?

Hi all,

I’m new to using DEVONagent, and was trying to setup a Search Set to search this DEVONtechnologies Discourse forum, and I don’t know what I’m getting wrong, as either:

  • The results I want keep getting shunted into Log with the No match error, or
  • I get a whole lot of unrelated results from everywhere else flooding my Digest.

So, say I wanted to perform a search in for using DEVONagent to search Reddit. So I only want results from about DEVONagent and Reddit.

  1. I created a new Search Set and first thing I did was add to Sites, with mode set to Search.

I assumed this limited the scope of the search to just

  1. I set the Default Query to reddit NEAR devonagent.
  2. I set Follow Links to On Same Host, at 1 level.
  3. And I left everything else as default.

I end up with the following Digest and Log:

I changed the Default Query to reddit AND devonagent and had the same results.

I then changed the Default Query to devonagent and Secondary Query to reddit.

And following this, I changed up every permutation I could think of involving all the different settings on Default and Secondary Query, Follow Links, Fuzzy etc. and no matter what I did, I simply could not replicate getting the four results I would get had I just searched on the forum search directly itself.

I would really appreciate some pointers or advice, as I’m obviously not understanding how the various settings on DA works at all.

(PS. I’m not specifically hunting for information on Reddit per se, I was just trying to learn how DA works by doing and selected Reddit as an arbitrary topic.)

Many thanks!

I just created the same search set but got no results at all. Search mode depends heavily on what’s returned by Google/Bing, DEVONagent only performs the following of links in this case.

Two other issues are that 1. Google/Bing’s search index might not be complete or up to date and that 2. the forum doesn’t like too frequent requests.

Hi @cgrunenberg, thanks for looking into this, that’s interesting.

When I set Sites Mode to Crawl, it doesn’t seem to work either, hmmm. Or is there some other setting that I need to change to make Crawl work? Would Crawl also cause frequent requests?

Do you think this is something that is more often to be expected from trying to use DA on some types of websites? Asking so that I can know to expect this as a possibility in the future, so it helps with troubleshooting as I am completely new to this.

Thanks once again.

This might require a (much) higher level for following links and would probably require a lot of time too. Especially as you might have to reduce the max. number of connections in Preferences > Search to avoid too frequent requests.

Once again, replying to a super old post, but I recently returned to DA, determined to learn how to make it work this time, and finally got it to work with the DEVONtechnologies Discourse with the following settings:

What I changed is instead of adding to Sites and setting that to Search, I manually added it to Default Query instead and used the Google plugin, and it worked at last!

I can tweak the Follow Links Levels (in General) up or down to narrow or widen results.

I don’t know if this is the best way, but it is one way that works around making too many requests.

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Interesting and thanks for sharing!