Here be Dragons - devontechnologies website down? or?

Hi, I’m doing a reinstall on a couple of machines in our home. Wanted to log into to get to my license information but I am greeted with “Here be Dragons”

Is the website temporarily down or am I being tricked?!
As always, thanks for helping out!

devontechnologies website down - can’t get to my licenses–!!|690x490

----- 2021-02-10 13:37------ Brussels time -------
retrieved my license information from my mail, so not an issue anymore, but Devontechnologies website keeps showing “Here be Dragons”…

It’s operational here.
Check it again, please.

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I’m seeing the same thing.

Me too, I’m afraid

Me too…

Me too. Wanted to check release notes and getting same error.

Release notes are always in the Read Me section of the Help in our apps.

Ah, nice.

Back online. There was a problem when updating our website. Sorry for the inconveniences.

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No problem, these things happen.

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No problem, thanks. Maybe replace the “There be Dragons” latin translation to something like “We’re back online in 15 minutes” or whatever appropriate time?

Confirmed working again :slight_smile:

The message is actually not a “We’re back soon” but “Nothing to see here”, used for areas not accessible to the public.


I logged in, without any issues!

Thanks! Everything should be back in order now :slight_smile:

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